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"Kudos to...costume designer Jojo Siu for her appropriate period outfits on the women and the suitable uniforms on the men."--Broadway World, The Madres

"Jojo Siu’s costumes enhance an atmosphere at odds with a harsh reality."-Splash Magazine, The Madres

"Jojo Siu’s costumes are fantastic, often jaw-dropping."--Maui Watch, Into the Woods

"Jojo Siu’s costumes highlight the types of clothing that Esther works on and features details, such as the fabric in Marks’ shop, that feel true to 1905."--San Diego Story, Intimate Apparel 


Jojo's commitment to supporting a creative team, thought-provoking storytelling and introspective narrative is what makes her, above all else, a storyteller. Her work promotes diversity and community based theatre, and she is highly inspired by works about cultural identity, and the Asian experience. Her design aesthetic is most influenced by her heritage, as well as bold colors, and intricate detail. These are what make her costumes stand out.

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