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The Madres

"Kudos to set designer Christopher Scott Murillo for Josefina's lived-in living room set, and costume designer Jojo Siu for her appropriate period outfits on the women and the suitable uniforms on the men."--Broadway World

"Jojo Siu’s costumes enhance an atmosphere at odds with a harsh reality."-Splash Magazine

"JoJo Siu's costume design sticks truthfully to the flowy, floral trends of the 1970s..."-USCAnnenberg Media

"Scenic designer Christopher Scott Murillo gives Josefina’s modest Buenos Aires apartment the same look of authenticity that costume designer Jojo Siu does the characters’ ‘70s garb and sound designer Corinne Carrillo the music emanating from Josefina’s console stereo. Wesley Charles Chew’s lighting is both dramatic and subtle, with black-and-white projections adding to the dramatic impact by evoking images of the real-life desaparecidos."-Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

DirectorSara Guerrero

Playwright: Stephanie Alison Walker

Scenic: Christopher Scott Murillo

Costumes: Jojo Siu

Lighting: Wesley Charles Chew 

Sound: Corinne Carrillo

Props: David L. Phillips

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